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Fluid Flush Frequency

While they might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think about vehicle maintenance, your car’s fluids are literally its lifeblood and they are a vital component of its health. Vehicle fluids perform a variety of functions that keep your engine running at an optimal level. You should monitor your car’s… Read More »


In terms of frustrating scenarios, encountering a dead car battery when you’re in a rush to get somewhere has to be near the top of the list. Fortunately, jumpstarting your vehicle is a relatively simple procedure. Follow these steps and your car will be up and running again in no time: Items Required: -Jumper Cables… Read More »

How to Maintain Your Car’s Transmission

When it comes to the transmission in your vehicle, it’s by far one of the more complex components of your car and is also one of the most costly to replace. Maintaining your transmission can help greatly extend the lifetime of your vehicle and keep it in great running order. There are a few tell-tale… Read More »

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

As much as we would rather spend our hot summer days by the beach or inside in the air conditioning, most of us have many things to do or take care of in the summer around Hayes. Sweltering temperatures can lead to car issues, such as A/C systems on the fritz, steering wheels that feel… Read More »

Unintended Harm from a Dirty Air Filter

The air filters in your vehicle have an important job – keeping dust and debris out of the engine and the cabin. The cabin air filter keeps your air conditioning blowing and fan blowing fresh air into the vehicle. The engine air filter does the same thing for your vehicle’s engine – preventing contaminants from… Read More »

Spring Danger: Puddles!

Beware of puddles! These innocent bodies of water can be hiding a significant threat to your vehicle: a deep, sharp-edged pothole. Spring in Hayes means changing temperatures and moisture. Spring showers of snow and rain collect in the cracks and imperfections in the roads. On cold nights, moisture freezes and damages the roads, leaving behinds potholes… Read More »

Why Brake Fluid is Critical

When you think about the brakes in your vehicle, you probably think of brake pads, rotor, and maybe even the calipers. But what about brake fluid? This critical fluid works behind the scenes powering the entire system. Your vehicles brakes are a hydraulic system. This means, “operated by a liquid moving in a confined space… Read More »

DIY Antifreeze can be Dangerous

As we look at the forecast for Virginia, temperatures are dropping! Cold weather brings different challenges for your vehicle. When temperatures fall to freezing, your engine has to protect itself from the adverse conditions. Which is why your vehicle relies on antifreeze. Also known as coolant, this fluid is added to the engine to prevent… Read More »