Less Driving Doesn’t Equate to Less Maintenance

Driving less doesn’t make it okay to skip out on your routine maintenance. That’s because there are basic items that still need regular service, even if the vehicle is parked most of the time. Tires, batteries, fluid levels and the exterior condition are the four main things to look out for in order to keep your rarely driven vehicle in top shape.

Tires: Underinflated tires can reduce fuel economy because they can increase rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Conduct a visual inspection of the tires periodically and check for uneven wear or excessive tread wear. Check inflation pressure at least once per month and adjust as necessary. Have an ASE-Certified Technician properly rotate your tires in Gloucester at recommended intervals and align and balance, if necessary. Also make sure to use tires recommended by the manufacturer on your vehicle.

Batteries: Driving less or parking a vehicle for an extended period of time can negatively affect your battery’s life and efficiency, especially if your vehicle has any electronic systems that are always on. When a car is being driven regularly, the alternator recharges the battery, but when stationary, these electronic systems simply serve as a slow drain on the battery. Stop by our shop today and let us check your battery for free!

Fluid levels: Fluids such as engine coolant, transmission and power steering fluid, engine oil and even wiper fluid may leak or deteriorate whether a vehicle is being driven consistently or not. Check all fluid levels before going on any extended trip or if a vehicle has been sitting for a long period of time. You can get a more accurate dipstick reading by waiting a few minutes after turning off the engine and making sure the vehicle is on level ground.

Exterior conditions: In colder weather, it is especially important to check exterior conditions of a vehicle if it’s sitting outside. Don’t let leaves or snow pile on top of a vehicle. Leaves can clog air intakes and piles of snow can increase your vehicle’s drag and decrease gas mileage. Also, examine the ground under the vehicle where it’s been parked to see if any fluids have leaked, creating a puddle.

If your vehicle hasn’t been looked at recently because of its lack of use, make sure to bring it in to an ASE-Certified Technician at your trusted auto repair shop in Yorktown soon to prevent your maintenance from falling far behind its schedule!