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DIY Maintenance with a Gloucester Mechanic

While most car maintenance should be left to an ASE-Certified Gloucester Mechanic, some regular monthly checks will protect your vehicle from suffering any serious complications on the road—all we ask is that you take some time to get familiar with what’s underneath the hood of your car. Hoses and Belts: Check your hoses and belts for any

Cooling System Maintenance

When it comes to your engine’s longevity, there is nothing more important than your vehicle’s cooling system. When your engine overheats, the damage that results could be bad enough to require a complete engine overhaul at your local Yorktown Auto Repair. This is why it’s important to keep your cooling system in good working order. And

Oil Loss Can be Detrimental

The majority of vehicles will experience oil loss at some point. Though most of these cases involve oil seeping through small cracks and minor leaks and can be easily repaired, in some cases oil leaks require immediate attention from an ASE-Certified technician. The most common cause of leaks in your vehicle’s engine is the result