DIY Maintenance with a Gloucester Mechanic

While most car maintenance should be left to an ASE-Certified Gloucester Mechanic, some regular monthly checks will protect your vehicle from suffering any serious complications on the road—all we ask is that you take some time to get familiar with what’s underneath the hood of your car.

Hoses and Belts: Check your hoses and belts for any cracks. Hoses connect engine components that don’t necessarily move in relation to another, so they should be flexible.  Brittle, cracked, or bulging hoses should be replaced by an ASE-Certified Gloucester Mechanic to prevent engine failure. The belts running throughout your vehicle are made from the same rubber and will wear over time. Check the tension of your belts by giving them a gentle tug—they should have almost no slack. If there’s a lot of slack or you notice cracking or fraying, have the belt inspected and replaced by your reliable Gloucester Mechanic.

Fluid Levels: Your vehicle should have a dipstick that indicates the proper fluid level of your car’s vital fluids. If you can top these fluids off yourself, you’ll know your vehicle has all the fluids it needs. But if you find yourself replenishing these fluids often, it may be sign of a leak. If you’ve found stains on your garage floor or driveway, have your local Gloucester Mechanic thoroughly check your vehicle’s systems.

Tire Inflation and Wear: When your tires are properly inflated, not only will it make your ride that much safer, but it’ll improve your fuel economy as well. Tires that don’t have enough air or too much air decrease traction and safe cornering speeds. If you notice uneven wear on your tires, consult your local Gloucester Mechanic for proper course of action.

Lights and Indicators: If you haven’t checked your vehicle’s lights in quite some time, you might be surprised to find that some have burned out. Make sure the brake lights are in working order as problems happen with the pedal switch that activates the lights.

Find an ASE-Certified Mechanic: An ASE-Certified Gloucester Mechanic is your best choice for prolonging the life of your vehicle!