Save Money with an Oil Change

If you’re a regular driver, it probably seems like a Gloucester Oil Change is always on your to-do list. Besides, it’s recommended that you have one every 3,000 miles. Though it may seem like you just changed your oil and that 3,000 miles isn’t nearly enough to warrant another one, the truth is that you can’t get your oil changed enough.

Oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle, and it’s imperative to change it so frequently because of the amount of work it does. Not only that, but clean oil is crucial to a long life for your engine.

Your vehicle’s engine has dozens upon dozens of moving parts, and oil provides a protective layer that significantly reduces the level of friction and heat. When the oil level becomes low, more of these pieces are rubbing together without a barrier of protection. This friction creates more heat, which in turn can cause the metal in your engine to warp or even melt.

There are two key reasons why your engine oil leaks, causing you to have a Gloucester Oil Change every 3,000 miles. The first is because of leaks. Your engine is a complex system of tubs and filters, and once in a while the seals between these parts rupture. If this has happened to your vehicle, then you’ve most likely noticed a stain or two on your garage floor or driveway.

The other reason is that your oil simply breaks down over time. The fact of the matter is that your oil can only be heated and re-heated so many times before it begins to lose its qualities as a lubricant. As your oil breaks down it forms into a thick black sludge, which makes that protective layer your oil once provided become less effective. The next step is your engine breaking and warping from the extreme heat. This is what makes that inexpensive, 30-minute Gloucester Oil Change so valuable.

So be sure to take your vehicle to an ASE-Certified technician for a Gloucester Oil Changeevery 3,000 miles. Not only will your car thank you, but your bank account as well.