Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Summer is made for adventure, but setting off to see the sights is significantly less fun if you’re sizzling in your car the whole time.  Summer is hard on our bodies and our vehicle’s air conditioning comes as a blast of refreshment—unless it’s not working.  Here’s a look at how to keep you and your car cool this summer:

1.        Have your Air Conditioning inspected.  Properly functioning air conditioning sounds like a luxury—until you have to go without it.  A quick strip to the store may only take a few minutes, but it can feel like hours in the humid Virginia heat.  Rolling down the windows can provide a blast of refresh air, but if you’re going more than 40MPH it’s more fuel efficient to turn on your climate control.  If you cold air is really more of a cool draft, it’s time to have your AC recharged.  If warm air blows from your vents, there’s a leak in your self-contained air conditioning system.  Don’t stress.   A friendly and knowledgeable Hayes Auto Repair Specialist can find and stem the leak in no time, getting you back on the road in the cool lap of luxury.

2.       Check your coolant.  You wouldn’t head out into a hot summer’s day without cool refreshment.  Your car needs the same!  Engine coolant, or antifreeze, regulates your vehicle’s temperature and prevents catastrophic overheating.  Pop off the radiator cap (only when the vehicle’s cooled off!) and take a peek at your levels.  Never hit the road with low coolant levels.  Be sure to properly tighten the radiator cap to ensure proper radiator pressure and prevent leaks.  Extended life coolants will help cool off your engine for 5 years or 100,000 miles.  Standard coolants last for 3 years or 50,000 miles.  If it’s time to have your radiator flushed, shop by your local  Hayes Auto Repair Center for professional, courteous service that will leave your engine cool and keep you on the road and smiling.

3.       Carry water!  You know your body needs precious H2O, but it can also save your car in a pinch. If your car begins overheating, you add water to the radiator and immediately head over to a Hayes Mechanic.  Plus, a bottle of water can help cool you off.  Remember, cool passengers are happy passengers.

4.       Park in the shade. Sounds too easy?  It’s hard to pass up the close parking spot, but the spot just a little bit further away will provide cool, comfortable shade.  A slightly longer trek will pay off when you sit down in your significantly cooler vehicle.

Whatever road you take this summer and wherever that road takes you, Harris Garage can make sure your vehicle goes along for the ride with a hint of worry.  Stay cool and have a great summer!