The Warning Signs of an Overheated Engine

The summer sun is hot enough to fry an egg—or even an engine if you’re unlucky.  Check out this handy guide from Harris Garage and know how to spot the signs of an overheated engine before you resign yourself to the roadside blues.

Coolant Puddles

You’ll spot these before you even start or the car by taking a quick peak under the vehicle.  These neon yellow/green puddles in your parking space are a serious warning that there is a leak in your cooling system.  Coolant is vital to your engine’s ability to regulate temperate and needs to be replaced ASAP.  Low coolant levels can and more likely will result in an overheated engine if left untreated.  An Auto Repair center in the Hayes area can locate and repair this leak before you become the victim of an overheated engine.


Your vehicle’s dashboard is designed to keep you in the know.  This includes two indicators to keep you aware of your engine’s temperature.  The first is the standard temperature gauge, a needle that leans towards ‘C’ when the engine is cold and creeps towards ‘H’ as it warms up.  What you may not know is that you do not want to see your gauge rise above the halfway point.  Many newer models also include a dashboard light designed to illuminate when engine temperature has reached a critical point.  If you see you engine creeping further and further up the temperature gauge, contact a Gloucester area Auto Repair center to avoid disaster.

Air Conditioning

Does your air conditioning seem to be getting warm, then suddenly hot?  The air coming through your climate control system is too warm for the refrigerant to adequately cool it into the refreshing breeze you love so much.  Visit a Gloucester area Mechanic to end the suffering of you and your car.

Hissing Sounds

You wouldn’t ignore this sound in the wild and you shouldn’t ignore it when it comes from your engine.  Anti-freeze is escaping from a leak in your coolant system and dripping onto the hot engine causing that sizzle.  This sort of problem requires immediate attention.  If your sizzle has stopped, that means it’s out of fluid to leak.  A dry coolant system means an unprotected engine and major costly repairs for you.  Call a Hayes Auto Repair Center to silence the sizzle and save you stress.

Steam and/or Smoke

Do Not Pass Go.  Head straight to your Hayes area Auto Repair Center before it’s too late.   The presence of smoke could be an indication your vehicle is already overheated.  Smoke occurs when leaking coolant drips onto a scorching engine.  A sizzling hot engine could literally be feet away from seizing and suffering an untimely death.

Before the heat scorches your engine and you end up working on your roadside tan, head over to Harris Garage and schedule an appointment to head trouble off at the pass.  Need the number?  It’s (804) 642-2440!