Hayes Brakes Shop: When to Say Goodbye to Your Car

It’s not easy to say goodbye to things we love, especially when it comes to our vehicles. Over the years, you’ve probably invested time and money into ol’ reliable, becoming more and more attached as time goes by. However, this does make it quite easy to look past issues that are hindering your vehicle and causing you to spend lots of money. In light of these circumstances, sometimes it’s best to just say goodbye to your old ride. Here are a few tips from your local Gloucester area Auto Repair shop indicating when it might be time:

Repairs are Piling Up

When looking at this one, keep in mind your vehicle’s current value. If you have a classic case of the “my mechanic knows my credit card number by heart,” syndrome, then it’s probably time to ditch your ride. Inevitably, every car will reach that threshold where it’s more economically practical to trade it in than to fix it. If you’re on the fence about it, your local Gloucester area Tire shop is here to help!

Despite Repairs, Vehicle is Still Unreliable

If you’re at the point where even after your vehicle leaves the repair bay it still has issues, it might not be the fault of the mechanic—it might just be time to say goodbye to your car. Every vehicle has a breaking point, and you’re hard-pressed to do anything about it when it gets there. Ask an ASE-Certified Gloucester Mechanic to take a look at your vehicle to see if it’s time to let it go.


If you find rust in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the point of no return. Rust won’t just go away in your car—actually, it will spread very quickly. And when this rust reaches crucial components of your vehicle, it compromises its structural integrity. If you detect rust in your vehicle, talk to an ASE-Certified Hayes Mechanic as to what the best course of action is for you.

Gas Prices

If you’ve had the same vehicle for a while, chances are gas was a bit cheaper when you first bought it. Further, your fuel economy doesn’t get any better when it gets older. If your vehicle is draining your paycheck with fuel costs, stop by a local repair center to see if it’s time to trade in your ride.

If you think it might be time to trade in your vehicle, get a second opinion at a local Hayes Car Repair shop like Harris Garage! Stop by or call (804) 642-2440 today!