Gloucester Auto Repair Tips: Winter Maintenance

We recommend you visit an auto repair shop in the Gloucester every three months for a preventive maintenance visit. It’s the best way to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape year round.

But in between these visits, there’s plenty you can do to keep your car healthy.  We’ve broken down this quick list so you can check something minor every morning before you head out for your morning commute:

Monday Morning: Tire Pressure

When your tires have correct tire pressure, you’ll get better gas mileage AND your tires will be able to grip the road better. Check your owner’s manual for what your pressure should be and buy a tire pressure gauge (they’ll cost you around $3-$4). Before taking off, check all 4 tires to ensure they have correct pressure. If any of them are low, all it takes is a quick stop at a gas station air pump to fill up your tires.

Tuesday Morning: Wiper Blades

When you turn on your wiper blades, do they leave streaks across your windshield? Do they shake and stammer when you reach high speeds? Then it might be time to switch them out. Perform a quick visual inspection of your blades by pulling the arm away and inspecting the condition of the material. If there are dings or dents in the material, it would be very much worth it to stop at a local auto repair shop in Gloucester to get a new pair. They’re inexpensive, and your morning commute will be that much clearer!

Wednesday Morning: Check your Oil

Many consider engine oil to be the lifeblood of your car, and with good reason too. It lubricates the many moving metal pieces in your engine that allow your car to move. Low oil levels quickly translate into irreversible damage that could cost you thousands! With a towel of some sort handy, look for the dipstick marked “OIL” under your hood and pull it out. It will tell you at what level your oil is at and what is too much/too little. If you’re low, stop by an auto repair shop right away—every mile means more damage to your vehicle!

Thursday Morning: Check Headlights, Taillights

Before you take off, turn the key in your car so the lights turn on but your engine doesn’t. Take a quick walk around your car and look for burnt headlights, both high beam and low beam. Turn on your blinkers and make sure those are in working condition as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a passenger with you, have them step on the brakes so your rear brake lights can be checked too.

Friday: Take Out the Trash

This one’s simple. A buildup of trash can appear out of nowhere, so before heading to work take a plastic bag out and fill it with all the trash that’s accumulated in the cabin. A clean car not only looks better—it feels better, too!

Should you have other issues or concerns with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to stop by anauto repair shop in Hayes to have it looked at by an ASE-Certified technician today!