Shocks and Suspension Systems

If it feels like you’re on a roller coaster while you’re driving on the road, your car may need new suspension components to stay comfortable and safe.

The suspension components in your vehicle are designed for comfort, stability and performance depending on the weight of the vehicle. Remember, suspension components are different depending on every make and model. As these components wear, handling and response performance are reduced, meaning your car isn’t able to change directions as quickly, and the driver will require more time to react to unexpected road obstructions.

Most vehicles have shocks that compress when going over bumps to absorb the jolt. But as shocks age, their ability to effectively cushion these jolts decreases. This makes any drive around town a rough and bumpy one. Replacing worn shocks allows your vehicle to have the performance it had when you drove it off the lot.

Bushings are another important component to your suspension system. Bushings cushion the suspension’s contact points and reduce vibrations. As they wear down, they’ll become loose and your vehicle may start to feel sloppy when changing directions.

As suspension technology is rapidly advancing, it’s important to have a specialist from a localauto repair shop in Hayes work on your car. Suspension components in newer vehicles are operated by the vehicle’s computer. These components adapt to road conditions and the driver’s input by changing suspension characteristics in real time.

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