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Used Car Buyers Checklist

Don’t Fall in love with the car before you’ve done your homework. Let someone else take the depreciation hit. (2-3 yrs old is best) Walk around the car and check paint, body panel gaps for evenness, chips, dents, etc. Check maintenance history (any records). Contact the previous owner (get the name from the title). Check… Read More »

The dreaded check engine light! What does it mean?

Many people don’t understand the importance of reacting quickly to cars messages. Cars give messages to us by way of warning lights and gauges. How quickly you react to a check engine light can often determine the cost of repair! As a result of not reacting quickly to this warning light, a $150 valve cover… Read More »

Recalls: What Are They? What Do They Mean?

How do recalls happen? They start with customer complaints to NHTSA — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The more complaints there are, the faster that they take action. The NHTSA opens their investigation, and if they find reason to do so, they place pressure on car makers, which usually results in a voluntary recall. If… Read More »

Now That I’ve Decided To Buy Another Car, What Should I Do With My Old One?

Retail value vs. Trade-in – Know right away: you are going to take a beating. You should only trade in if you just don’t want the headache. Sell it yourself – Appearance is a big part of selling your car yourself. Have it detailed (usually less than $100), and make sure your car has good (and good-looking!) tires… Read More »

New Car Maintenance – Do you have to take your car back to the dealer for scheduled maintenance?

Any car dealer in the world would love for you to believe that you have to take your car back to them for maintenance. On the contrary, many independent repair shops can take care of the same repair needs that your dealer can. More often than not, you’ll actually find more talented technicians at independent… Read More »