Computer Diagnostics: Necessary Training And Information Systems

All the latest diagnostic equipment is worthless without a trained and informed diagnostician. Today’s diagnosticians must keep abreast with rapidly changing technology if they want to remain in the field.

The average student coming out of an automotive technical college needs two years to get ‘up to speed’ after joining the workforce. Diagnosticians must have access to over a million pages of technical information to fix computer-related problems.

Transmissions, ABS brakes, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Traction Control, Fuel Delivery Systems, and Performance Systems are all computer-controlled.

Car manufacturers and vendors are continuously coming out with TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins), alerting the diagnostician of repair strategies and fixes for computer glitches. Information systems like Mitchell-On-Demand, AllData, and CAS are necessary for accurate diagnosing and repair.