Why Your Car Needs Coolant

Fall is in the air, which means temperatures are dropping across Hayes, VA. As the temperatures fluctuate, one important fluid keeps your car running at the right temperature: Coolant.

When it’s cold, why would your car need coolant?

The truth is, your engine is like Goldilocks. Too hot, and your engine will overheat and break down. Too cold, and it will freeze and won’t be able to start. Your engine needs the temperature to be just right.

Coolant is also known as anti-freeze. In truth, this is the same fluid! No need to switch to antifreeze in the winter or coolant in the summer. When seasons change, you just need to make sure the fluid in your system is up for the challenge.

In cold weather, your coolant ensures that your vehicle will still be able to start in freezing temperatures. It keeps the ice on the outside so your system doesn’t become a useless block of frozen parts and fluid.

But once the engine is running, the coolant has a second job – make sure the vehicle doesn’t overheat. It seems oxymoronic, but your vehicle can get too hot, even on freezing days! With the combustion of air and fuel happening in the engine, the temperature quickly rises and coolant is necessary to keep it in check.

This fall, make sure your vehicle’s coolant is ready for the task! Don’t just check the level and move on. While low levels of fluid can indicate a serious leak, that’s not the only problem that may be secretly affecting your vehicle.

For example, pH balance is a critical part of the equation. If the pH balance in your vehicle’s coolant is off, it can create a hostile environment. Deposits build up, rust accumulates, hoses are damaged… contaminants take over your cooling system. All of these are very bad for your engine.

Prepare your vehicle for the Goldilocks conditions it needs this fall and winter! Stop by Harris Garage in Hayes for a cooling system inspection and coolant flush. Our ASE Certified technicians will make sure your coolant level, condition, pH balance, and more are ready to keep you safely on the roads as the temperatures drop. Schedule your next appointment online.