Defogging Tips

The temperatures are dropping in Hayes! You’ve probably noticed a thin layer of fog creeping up your windshield as you drive. While this is a nuisance, why does it happen, and how can you fix it?

Interior fogging happens because of the temperature difference in and out of your vehicle. When it’s freezing outside, you crank up the heater inside to keep you warm. Combined with the heat, moisture from your body heat and breathe condense in the car and collect on your windshield against the cold outside.

Your car most likely has a built-in setting to help counteract this effect – the defrost setting on your heater or air conditioning. This setting will blow air through vents near the windshield up to equalize the temperature and dissipate condensation.

Make sure you turn off (or leave off) the recirculate option. The defrost works best if it can push the moist air from inside your car outside and bring in fresh, dry air from outside.

If turning on the defrost setting isn’t working fast enough to clear the fog, you can use the knowledge of why it forms to solve it quickly.

Turn down the heat inside your car to bring the temperature closer to the outside. Turn on the defrost vents without heat (fan only) or crack the windows. The fog will clear up quickly, but passengers inside might become chilly.

If your heater or defroster isn’t keeping up with the cold, bring your vehicle into Harris Garage. Our certified technicians will perform an inspection to make sure the heating system is working properly, recommend any maintenance if it is needed, and get you back safely on the roads with a clear windshield for the best visibility.

To schedule your next appointment or heater inspection, call our auto experts at (804) 642-2440.