Cleaning your headlights

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year, with fewer hours of sun and daylight than any other day of the year. That makes December and January dark, and headlights even more important on winter roads.

Most drivers rarely need to think about their headlights. New cars automatically turn on the lights and have day running lights to improve visibility. But one problem can have a big impact on how well a driver can see at night – dull or fuzzy headlights.

You know that you need to replace the light bulb in your vehicle’s headlight when it goes out, but what about the headlight itself? Most headlights last 4-5 years (though we’ve seen some with a lifespan of only 2-3 years). The same wear and tear that affects your vehicle impacts the headlights.

The high heat from the light can cause the plastic headlight to become foggy and turn yellow over time. As your vehicle travels across the roads in Hayes, dirt and road debris can collect on your headlights, gradually wearing down the plastic over time.

When your headlights become so fuzzy and worn that the light no longer shines brightly though, it’s time to consider having your headlights cleaned.

Our certified technicians can check your headlights as part of our vehicle inspection. Instead of replacing the headlight, we may be able to clean them for you.

Be leary of DIY cleaning solutions. Many of the products and solutions available can have a positive affect temporarily, but will not completely resolve the issues affecting your headlights. Instead, come into our shop for headlight cleaning. Our technicians will thoroughly polish and clean the headlight to leave it looking like new!

Stay safe on the roads this winter with clean and bright headlights. To learn more or schedule your next appointment, please call our team of certified technicians at Harris Garage: (804) 642-2440.