3 Causes of Slippery Brakes

Winter roads are tough on vehicles, from rain and slick snow to ice and freezing temperatures. Your vehicle needs to be able to remain in control driving and stopping, even when there are several factors working against you.

Below are three reasons you may experience slipping brakes:

Too Little Tire Tread.

Your vehicle’s tires should have enough tread to grip the roads even in snow and ice. If there is not enough tread, your vehicle may continue to slide on slippery roads even if the brakes have stopped the wheel from spinning.

Use the “quarter test” to find out if you have enough tread – place a quarter in the groove of the tire with Washington’s head facing down. If the tire covers the top of his head, you have enough tread. If you can see space above the head, your tires do not have enough tread for wet, snowy, and icy conditions.

Worn Brakes.

If your brakes are worn or near the end of their life, they may not have enough stopping power to safely control your vehicle. Pitted brake rotors, worn brake lines, old brake fluid, or thin brake pads can affect your vehicle’s stopping ability.

Regular brake inspections can ensure that your brakes are in working order – especially important during the winter months. Our ASE-Certified technicians will inspect all the components in the brake system to identify safety concerns and fix them before they put your family at risk.

Wet Rotors.

If your brake rotors become too wet, the brake pads may not be able to grip them as efficiently. Your brakes are relatively protected but may still become exposed to wet roads. If the roads are dry but you feel slipping, the problem may be leaking brake fluid.

Be especially cautious if you feel a loss of pressure in the brake pedal. This can indicate a serious brake fluid leak. At the first sign of a leak, bring your vehicle into our auto shop on Hayes Road right away. Without fluid, the hydraulic system will not be able to stop your vehicle.

Slippery brakes can be dangerous for your family. At the first sign of a problem, bring your vehicle to Harris Garage for an inspection. Your family’s safety is our first priority. Stop by or call our team at (804) 642-2440.