Stay Cool on Summer Road Trips

Hit the open road. Turn up the radio, pack your favorite snacks, and grab a few friends for a summer road trip! Sounds like a recipe for a fun trip… except when the summer heat hits your vehicle.

Summer in Hayes is hot! Which poses new challenges for your vehicle. Here are three ways to stay cool on long drives and protect your engine from the heat of the summer:

  1. Air conditioning. You may be able to roll down the windows driving around town, but once you hit the highway or interstate the high speed can reduce fuel efficiency and make the drive unpleasant. Instead, stop by Harris Garage to have your air conditioning tested. If it struggles to cool your car when it’s warm outside, the car air conditioning may need some maintenance.
  2. Battery. Vehicle batteries are particularly susceptible to heat damage. Heat leads to corrosion, oxidation, and failing batteries. Have your battery tested to ensure it can hold a charge (and recover as you drive) so you don’t end up stranded needing a jump start every few miles.
  3. Coolant. The cooling system is critical to prevent your vehicle from overheating on the hottest days. The combustion engine produces a lot of heat as your vehicle runs, so the coolant, water pump, and cooling system must work to keep the engine running cool and calm. Stop by for a coolant flush and cooling system maintenance before your next road trip.

Whether you’re driving around town or embarking on a cross country road trip, the last thing you want to worry about is car trouble. Prevent battery failure and engine overheating with preventative maintenance, and keep your passengers cool and comfortable with working air conditioning on the road!

The best way you can keep your vehicle cool and comfortable is with a thorough pre-trip inspection. After inspecting the key systems in your vehicle, our technicians will take the time to review our recommendations with you. Understand the condition of your vehicle in order to make the best decisions for your family and your vehicle before your road trip.

To schedule an inspection, coolant flush, battery test, or air conditioning inspection, call 804-642-2440 for our auto repair shop in Hayes.