Dangers of Driving with Underinflated Tires

The technology and engineering that goes into your passenger vehicle tires to get you around Virginia gets better each and every year. Even with all of the advances in construction and compounds, it has not changed the fact that an under-inflated tire is dangerous.

Studies performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warns us that one in 20 vehicle crashes can be associated with a tire-related problem. Under-inflated tires expose the driver and passengers to an even greater risk. A tire that was 25% below recommended pressure was three times more likely to be involved in a crash.

Tires with low pressure impairs the vehicles stability, even with perfect road conditions. Driver control in the event of poor weather or while making a quick maneuver is far more difficult.

Following studies that repeatedly shared the same results, Congress mandated all vehicles will have to include Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). Even with this technology on-board, many people chose to ignore warnings and drive under-inflated. Sadly, 45% of SUV rollovers are due to a tire issue just prior to the accident.

With all of the technology and warning systems at hand today, it is critical for your safety to heed this notification and check your tires. All of us at Harris Garage care about our customers and want to keep your family safe on the roads in Hayes. If you suspect your tires may be low, or you are not sure about your TPMS being correct, we will be happy to look at your vehicle. Our customers are like family. And we always take care of family.

Stop by our auto repair shop in Hayes and our certified technicians will check your tire pressure and make sure your tires have the appropriate amount of air. Not only will this keep you safer on the roads in Hayes, it will also help you maximize the life of your tires!

To learn more about measuring tire pressure in your vehicle, ensure the tire pressure monitoring systems are working, or schedule a full vehicle inspection, call our auto repair shop at 804.642.2440.