3 Tips to Show your Vehicle Love (and Save Money)

As you stock up on boxes of chocolate, bake heart-shaped cookies, and plan for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about your vehicle! Though it may not appreciate the red and pink gifts, your vehicle deserves some love for all it does to keep your family safe on the roads in Hayes.

So this month, take a few simple steps to show your vehicle some love (and save money!) this year.

First, stop by a car wash. Cleaning your car (even during the winter) has more than cosmetic value. A car wash removes the road salt, dirt, and contaminants that can lead to rust. Make sure you clean the undercarriage of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle clean will help prevent damage and save money repairing the paint, body, and finish later.

Next, check your fluids. Fill up your gas tank before it gets to empty and make sure the gas cap closes tightly (the gas cap should be replaced every 4 years for a tight seal). If you haven’t already, have your cooling system flushed. The coolant and antifreeze are critical during winter months to keep your engine running properly, even in below-freezing temperatures. Other fluids, like brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid should also be checked regularly. Taking care of all of the fluids in your vehicle by keeping them clean and contaminant-free will help you avoid and prevent damage to the sensitive components within your vehicle.

Finally, stop by Harris Garage for an inspection. Our experienced technicians will check the key systems in your vehicle to identify warning signs. We will also check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. If any preventative maintenance or auto repairs are needed, a qualified car care advisor will explain the condition of your vehicle. We won’t talk down to you or use technical mumbo jumbo. Instead, we want you to be able to make an educated and confident decision about caring for your vehicle.

To show your vehicle some love, visit our auto repair shop in Hayes. Call 804.642.2440 or request an appointment online.