Why Brake Fluid is Critical

When you think about the brakes in your vehicle, you probably think of brake pads, rotor, and maybe even the calipers. But what about brake fluid?

This critical fluid works behind the scenes powering the entire system.

Your vehicles brakes are a hydraulic system. This means, “operated by a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure.” Brake fluid is what allows you to stop your car by pressing a pedal, without needing to apply the full force needed to stop a moving vehicle.

Imagine Fred Flintstone putting his feet down, dragging them along the dirt road to stop his car. Without hydraulics and brake fluid, that’s how you would need to stop your car!

Brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically. When it is new, it acts as a lubricant to protect the components. But when it becomes old, it begins to turn dark. Old brake fluid can even become caustic, eating through the brake lines and damaging the other components!

An experienced technician will be able to identify cracking on the brake lines and recommend a brake fluid flush and brake service to prevent further damage.

But if you keep up with brake maintenance on the recommended schedule, you can prevent this damage from occurring!

Stop by Harris Garage in Hayes for a brake inspection at the first sign of an issue with your brakes, including:

  • Loss of pressure, or brake pedal falling to the floor
  • Firm brake pedal that is hard to press
  • A fluid leak beneath your vehicles (often difficult to spot!)
  • Screeching or vibration when you apply the brakes
  • Difficulty stopping

Our certified technicians will inspect the system and recommend maintenance to keep your family safe on the roads in Virginia. If you are concerned for your safety, bring your vehicle into our independent auto repair shop right away or call 804.642.2440 and we can help arrange a tow.

For routine brake maintenance and inspections, request an appointment online.