Spring Danger: Puddles!

Beware of puddles! These innocent bodies of water can be hiding a significant threat to your vehicle: a deep, sharp-edged pothole.

Spring in Hayes means changing temperatures and moisture. Spring showers of snow and rain collect in the cracks and imperfections in the roads. On cold nights, moisture freezes and damages the roads, leaving behinds potholes that only get worse as vehicles travel over them.

With early potholes and late spring showers, pay attention to puddles. A puddle that looks shallow could be hiding a pothole that has filled with water. You have no way of knowing how big, deep, or sharp the pothole may be.

When possible, drive around the puddle or find an alternate route. If you must cross the puddle, approach slowly. The impact of potholes increases significantly with speed. Watch for other drivers on the road too. If everyone else is driving around the puddle, it’s probably a good idea to follow their lead and do the same!

Many cities have a pothole reporting process. If you see a pothole that needs repair in Hayes, view or report potholes here.

If you hit a pothole, bring your vehicle into Harris Garage right away for a tire inspection. Some of the most significant damage from potholes may not be visible right away. Issues with the suspension may not be immediately noticeable, but can get worse as you continue to drive.

Alignment issues are the most common result of hitting a pothole. The jarring motion of hitting the edge of a pothole can pull your tire out of alignment. Subtle differences in the way the tires hit the road can lead to uneven wear. If you don’t catch it soon, misalignment can shave valuable time off the life of your tires. You’ll have to replace your tires sooner than you normally would if alignment is off for too long.

Ignoring the damage, even unseen damage, can lead to further harm and more expensive repairs. Bring your vehicle into Harris Garage as soon as possible for an inspection. Our experienced technicians will check the alignment, suspension, wheels, and tires for damage. If there are any concerns that put your family at risk on the roads, we’ll advise you so you can get pothole damage repaired right away.

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