Summertime Glove Compartment Guide

Road trip with friends? Weekend at Buckroe Beach or in the Blue Ridge Mountains? No matter what your summertime plans are, it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of it in your car driving from Point A to Point B. In addition to your regular year-around car safety must-haves in your car, below is a list of other helpful items every summertime road warrior should keep in their glove compartment:

Spare sunglasses – It’s hard enough to focus on the road during long road trips, but when the blinding sun bears down on your all day through your windows, it can become miserable. Keep a backup pair of shades in your glove compartment, preferably polarized to help reduce glare.

Hand wipes – Whether you’re cleaning up germs, ice cream messes, or sticky children, having wipes handy is always a blessing.

Sunscreen and lip balm – One thing you never want to be without during sunny summer days is sunscreen. Keeping spare sunscreen and lip balm with SPF in them in your car will prevent you from having to stop at the gas station and pay an arm and a leg for them. Furthermore, be sure to put some on before getting in the car and starting that long road trip as UV rays are powerful enough to do damage through the car windows.

Bug spray – Don’t become a feast for mosquitoes when traveling during blistering summer months, especially near standing water and in the woods.

Spare toothbrush and toothpaste – Whether you leave your toothbrush in a motel room or just need to feel fresh without having to dig through your suitcases, a spare toothbrush and toothpaste can always come in handy.

However you’re spending the Summer of 2018, we here at Harris Garage hope you’re having a blast!