Why DIY Antifreeze Flushes Can Be Dangerous


As we look at the forecast for Virginia, temperatures are dropping! Cold weather brings different challenges for your vehicle. When temperatures fall to freezing, your engine has to protect itself from the adverse condition which is why it relies on antifreeze.

Also known as coolant, antifreeze is added to the engine to prevent the fluids that keep your engine running smoothly from freezing when temperatures plummet. It also keeps the fluid from boiling in the high-heat environment of your car’s engine.

Antifreeze is typically combined with water in a 50-50 ratio. If this ratio is wrong, your engine is at risk.

This is why performing your own coolant flush or adding antifreeze to your engine yourself can be extremely dangerous.

The wrong ratio of antifreeze and water can result in two extremes:

1. Engine overheating – without the proper protection from coolant, the radiator fluid can no longer remove heat from the engine when your car is running. It doesn’t take long for the engine to overheat. If you see your temperature gauge rising or steam coming from the hood of your car, pull over and call our auto repair shop immediately: 804.642.2440

2. Freezing liquid – conversely, with the wrong ratio, the radiator fluid can freeze inside your engine. When you cannot start your engine, not only will you be stuck without a working car, the frozen liquid can cause significant engine damage.

Before the coldest temperatures hit, stop by Harris Garage for a coolant flush and cooling system inspection. Our experienced technicians will ensure that the antifreeze in your engine is able to withstand the cold temperatures in Hayes.

If the antifreeze is contaminated or the ratio is incorrect, our auto repair shop technicians will perform a cooling system flush to remove the old fluid and replace it with new antifreeze.

To learn more about antifreeze for your specific vehicle or to schedule an inspection or vehicle maintenance service, call our auto repair shop at 804.642.2440.