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Preparing for Fall and Winter Road Conditions

Is your car ready for the changing weather? As summer comes to an end, we know that means cooling temperatures, rain, and falling leaves in Hayes, VA. It also means winter will be here before we know it! As National Fall Car Care Month, this month is the perfect time to ask, “Is my car

What to do if your Car won’t Start

One of the most frustrating car problems is when you turn the key and nothing happens — but we’re here for you! Our auto experts in Hayes, VA, can help diagnose the problem to get you back on the road. Here are the most common causes of starting problems: Battery The most common cause of starting

Do I Really Need a Transmission Flush?

We’ve had many conversations with our customers here in Hayes, VA – any time we recommend a transmission flush, our customers ask questions. So what is a transmission flush? Can’t you just top off the fluid? Is it really necessary? We understand your confusion – a transmission flush isn’t one of the aspects of preventative