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Auto Maintenance

Warning Lights: What they mean for your car

We have all been there – starting up the car in Hayes, VA to see a flashing yellow or red symbol on the dashboard. Before you panic over an unfamiliar symbol, there are some simple steps you can take to address these common warning lights: Battery/Charging Alert – This symbol indicates that the battery charge, or voltage

Is your car worth repairing?

So, you’ve been told your car needs expensive repairs. Should you repair it or trade it? Let’s examine some issues that need to be considered… The fact is, some people keep their car too long, and some trade too often. A JD Power study revealed that a person would save over $450,000 during their lifetime

Computer Diagnostics: Necessary Training And Information Systems

All the latest diagnostic equipment is worthless without a trained and informed diagnostician. Today’s diagnosticians must keep abreast with rapidly changing technology if they want to remain in the field. The average student coming out of an automotive technical college needs two years to get ‘up to speed’ after joining the workforce. Diagnosticians must have

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Schedule a Pre-Trip Inspection Today!

Summer is road trip season. Whether you’re going 200 or 2000 miles from Hayes, it’s important that your vehicle is able to get you there. That’s why you should visit our auto repair shop to avoid any untimely breakdowns and ensure you and your family stays safely on the road during your trip. Here is what our ASE-certified