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vehicle maintenance

Replacing your Timing Belt

Changing your timing belt is NOT optional – but waiting until it breaks to address any issues is. And that is a risk you shouldn’t take. Most manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt at a specific mileage, usually between 90 and 105 thousand miles. But you should NOT wait until the last possible minute to

EXTREME Road Conditions

Could your car handle these roads? Winter across the country brings unpredictable weather and potentially hazardous road conditions. To prepare your car for any road condition in Hayes, VA, call our team of ASE-Certified auto technicians at 804-642-2440. While we prepare for the roads in our own town, we’re also taking a moment to consider

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Traffic

From all of us at Harris Garage, Happy Holidays! This season is one of the busiest for holiday travel. And with unpredictable weather and road conditions in Hayes, VA, and across the country, long road trips can be stressful. Before you head out for your holiday road trip this year, bring your vehicle in for a

Preparing for Fall and Winter Road Conditions

Is your car ready for the changing weather? As summer comes to an end, we know that means cooling temperatures, rain, and falling leaves in Hayes, VA. It also means winter will be here before we know it! As National Fall Car Care Month, this month is the perfect time to ask, “Is my car