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When it comes to your vehicle, the most important component is also one of the most complex components. We are talking about your engine. When something is this important, you don’t want to trust its care to just anyone. You want to know that the mechanic handling your engine has the experience, tools, and knowledge necessary to enhance its performance. At Harris Garage, not only do we employ ASE Certified Technicians, but our family has been in the industry since the 1940s. You might even say that automotive repair is in our blood.

Engine Service & Maintenance Hayes, VA

The best way to extend the life of your engine and maximize its performance is through engine maintenance. At Harris Garage, we are here to help you care for your engine so it can efficiently power your vehicle for years to come. Some of the maintenance engine services we recommend include:

  • Oil Changes – Your oil breaks down as it ages and can no longer lubricate your engine leading to accelerated wear and overheating. Changing your oil on a regular basis keeps your engine clean, cool, and lubricated.
  • Filter Replacement – Your air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter all play a part in keeping your engine clean and making sure that it gets what it needs to run. They have a dirty job and can become dirty and clogged so they should be inspected regularly and replaced when needed.
  • Timing Belt Maintenance – Timing belts wear out naturally over time, but when they break, it causes your engine to seize and could potentially cause a lot of damage. Have them inspected when you get your oil changed and replaced if they are looking worn.
  • Tune-Ups and Spark Plug Replacement – Tune-ups don’t have to be done often, but they are important to increasing the performance of your engine.

Engine Repair Hayes, VA

Even with the most robust engine maintenance schedule, at some point, you may find yourself in need of engine repair. From added movement, new noises, to overheating, anytime that you suspect something isn’t right with your engine it is important to address it immediately and get it to the experts at Harris Garage. Our experts will perform a thorough inspection, diagnose the issue, and repair it correctly the first time.

Check Engine Light Hayes, VA

It’ true that your check engine light may be on for a reason other than your engine, but anytime it comes on, Harris Garage recommends that you bring your vehicle in for diagnostic testing.

Harris Garage has been proudly servicing and repairing engines in Hayes, Virginia since the 1940s. Whether you need an oil change or an engine overhaul, our expert mechanics are the best in the area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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