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Why DIY Antifreeze Flushes Can Be Dangerous


As we look at the forecast for Virginia, temperatures are dropping! Cold weather brings different challenges for your vehicle. When temperatures fall to freezing, your engine has to protect itself from the adverse condition which is why it relies on antifreeze. Also known as coolant, antifreeze is added to the engine to prevent the fluids

Time for New Tires?


Trying to figure out when the right time to change your vehicle’s tires can be quite the dilemma. You obviously don’t want to wait too long and drive around with a dangerously-low amount of tread but you don’t want to get them changed too early either since it can be an expensive undertaking. Thankfully, there’s

MOTOR OIL – Your Vehicle’s MVF (Most Valuable Fluid)

motor oil

The most important of the many fluids found in your vehicle is undoubtedly its motor oil. Without motor oil, your engine would quickly grind to a halt at the behest of intense grinding and friction among its many moving parts. In addition to lubricating your engine to ensure it can function properly, oil also acts

Why Are Spark Plugs So Important?

spark plugs

In any gas-powered car, you have what is known as an “ignition system”. This system has a basic function of igniting gasoline which in turn powers the motor and allows it to turn. Critical components of the ignition system include the spark plugs and cables among other parts including, in some instances, distributors. Frequently, the

Safe Driving Tips

safe driving

Safe driving tips may seem old-fashioned or just for new drivers. Yet by avoiding fender benders and speeding/traffic tickets, you can keep your insurance rates low – just one of the many benefits of continuing to work on your safe driving skills. Here are a few safe driving tips for you to consider this fall:

Breakdown Breakdown


A breakdown can affect drivers at any time during any season. One minute you’re driving your kids to school, heading to work, or running errands and the next your car is emitting smoke, forcing you to pull off the road immediately. A total disaster? It doesn’t have to be. Remaining calm and being equipped with

How Replacing your Timing Belt can Save you Money

The first time most drivers think about the timing belt in their vehicle is when the manufacturer’s recommend maintenance schedule says it needs to be replaced. Other drivers aren’t so lucky. These drivers are often lamenting a problem they didn’t know they had when the timing belt brakes and leaves them stranded on the road

Waxing vs. Polishing Your Car

waxing vs polishing

Car wax and car polish are two of the many products used to protect your vehicle and keep it looking good. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception among car owners about these products and what they are used for. So, what’s the difference between washing vs. polishing? And what’s right for your car? Polish A

Brake Failure Warning Signs

One of the scariest scenarios that can happen to a driver is brake failure. You don’t want to be driving down a steep hill and all-of-a-sudden lose your ability to stop. As such, if you’re car owner you should be on the lookout for signs of brake system failure, including the following: Vibrations If you

Six Ways You Could be Killing Your Car


Whether you own a new car or an older model, your car requires regular care and maintenance in order to stay safely on the roads. Ignoring warning signs and key services is the quickest way to send a vehicle to an early grave… The Car Care Council offers the following warnings about 6 ways you