Oil Changes at Harris Garage

Oil changes are the most important routine maintenance you can perform on your vehicle. An engine full of clean oil is definitely the happiest. Harris Garage of Hayes, Virginia is ready and willing to take the task of routine maintenance off your hands and offers ASE Certified Technicians and friendly service too!


Our car repair standards are second to none and frequently draws business from Williamsburg and Newport News. We at Harris Garage also believe that customer education is invaluable and want to let you know a bit more about the oil change progress and why you need to change your oil.

Why Change The Oil?

Your engine oil can get dirty, burned, or leaked out. While your engine has many important fluids, oil is absolutely among them in its ability to lubricate the moving parts in your engine, like pistons and rods. Without good, clean oil, these metal parts would cause more friction and wear down much faster than normal. 


When should I change it?

Most good service garages like ourselves at Harris Garage place a sticker in an out of the way place in your windshield reminding you roughly when you should bring your vehicle in. These are a good guideline, but aren’t always accurate. If your vehicle burns oil, leaks, or is just older, you might want to check more often. The oil should remain a golden color on your dipstick and near or at the top of the “Max” or “Full” line. 


When you bring your vehicle in car for repair at Harris Garage, we will check your oil levels and cleanliness regardless of what work you are having done. We will communicate any issues to you and make sure you have the latest information about your vehicle’s current condition.


How do we change your oil?

Oil changes are very simple. We put your vehicle on a car lift, remove the oil drain plug to drain the oil old oil. Then we replace the engine oil with whatever kind your vehicle manual asks for. We also do a free inspection of your vehicle while it is on our lift so we can let you know about your vehicle’s condition.


Potential Problems

Bringing your car in for regular maintenance also helps you find small problems before they come big. Are you noticing your engine oil levels are low between oil changes? We can help find out why. We often catch small problems and can advise you about when problems will need fixing with anything from brakes to tires to belts.


We offer free rides to and from our shop as well as rentals. Our goal is to make your car maintenance as easy as possible without disrupting your life. We are family owned and operated  – believe us, we know how important having a smooth operating schedule is to families.


Get Started

Call us at (804) 258-4539 or stop in to our shop at 2348 Hayes Rd, Hayes, VA 23072. We take walk ins and appointments.